Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Questions in the Garden

Eli, Levi, and Ms. Agell met in the garden to brainstorm some questions. We put these questions on little slips of paper in the Question Jar.

Next, we're going to figure out ways in which to start answering some of these, using the Inquiry Process. Will we get answers?More questions?
For now, here they are!
  • What is time. Does tomorrow exist?

  • People keep using resources thinking that our world is so big, but it’s really just a speck in the infinite universe. How can they think that?

  • How was planet Earth formed?

  • What is smaller than the atom. Is there a smallest particle, or does it just keep going?

  • How did people first decide to eat certain tomatoes or eggs (for example).

  • How did people realize that wood could be fuel?

  • Are there parallel universes? What is a parallel universe?

  • Nothing in nature seems mechanical. How did people figure mechanics out?

  • Do animals have language. What is language?

  • Why are animals’ brains different from our brains?

  • How did plants come to be?

  • Do plants “think?” Can chemical transmitting be a language?

  • How did the first humans learn to move? 

  • Does a sunflower have consciousness? Do any plants?
  • What was the first seed?

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